surprise balls

i am completely inspired by these surprise balls created by gina namkung.  i know, you are wondering what the heck i am talking about. but, take a look at the images and directions below...this is such a great idea for a special gift to the ones you love.  this is DEFINITELY on my list of things to make very very soon.... “from as far back as I can remember, be it a ring from a gumball vending machine, a cracker jack prize, the thrill of a piñata, Christmas stocking treats, I have always been drawn to small things." So says artisan Gina Namkung of the inspiration behind her surprise balls. Each ball contains at least 15 rare or unusual vintage trinkets from around the globe, making it a wonderful gift for young and old alike.

how much fun is this? i love the idea of a slowly unraveling gift that reveals surprise after surprise to the recipient, making the process a part of the present.  the process of creating each ball is pretty simple ...

1. collect small trinket to use inside the ball  2. collect several different colors of crepe paper rolls  3. cluster a few trinkets together and begin wrapping them with crepe paper.  add another trinket and add another color of crepe paper  4.  keep adding trinkets and wrapping in all directions until all items are wrapped up and the ball is rounded out.  (you can also add little love notes or quotes along the way if you would like)  5.  finish the end of your crepe off with a sticker or two and maybe even a sweet note or drawing.  so fun!