Tiger Lily+Janome+Anna Maria Horner

I am a little late getting this post out but figured better late than never!  I couldn't not share Channing's Halloween costume this year...since she's been excited about it since last year.  Once we watched the new Pan movie, she was animate about dressing up as Warrior Princess Tiger Lily.  I have to be honest, I was really afraid she would want to go with the costume with the big headdress, but she decided on her warrior costume instead.  I knew, right away, that Anna Maria Horner fabrics would be the perfect fit for her costume.  I am also excited to be partnering up with Janome sewing machines to test out the new AMH M100, which was developed in partnership with Anna Maria Horner herself.  It all seemed like perfect timing!  I have been a fan of hers for years and so, this has been such an honor to both work with her fabrics as well as this new sewing machine! 

We used a brighter color palette and lighter weight fabrics than the original Tiger Lily costume...seeing as how we are on an island, with a warmer climate even at Halloween.  This combination of fabrics was perfect.  The Enchanted Fabric, from the Fibs & Fables line, was my starting point and inspiration.  I used a skirt and shawl from Target's Cat & Jack collection as time is limited and I am trying my best to use my resources instead of taking everything on myself! 

I will be the first to tell you that although I am pretty crafty...I am far from being a seamstress.  I do well with simple designs but not intricate patterns. Which is why I also really enjoy this machine.  It was actually easy for me to figure out and use.  There are some beautiful stitching options available for a hand embroidered look.  (I am currently working on another project where I will post about some of those stitches).  This particular project required simple sewing methods, which this machine handled like a champ.  

First up, was her apron...which most importantly had to hold her hatchet! 

Secondly, the top, with a center fabric detail and strips of fabric to hold lots of beads and feathers.  

We were pretty happy with the final outcome!  Thank you to Janome and Anna Maria Horner for being part of this much loved project.