the beginning

<a href="">Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a> it seems fitting to write my first post on friday the has been a little hectic here as i balance too many things, including getting this site up and running!  we are currently working on getting two new teeth on top for the bird, not wanting to take afternoon naps, having several craft projects in motion (that i am excited to share soon), preparing for a new school semester at the college for me and enjoying a few warm afternoons during this january in colorado.

well, there’s no time like the present -  welcome to my very first blog in modern maven’s journal.  i have been toying with the idea of creating a blog for quite some time now however, it isn’t a quick or easy task!  i have stumbled a few times along the way and found it difficult to move on from page to page, as i want everything to look “just so”.  but, i am excited to get a creative outlet for myself and a way to document all of the funny little things we do here in the gray household.  speaking of which....our silly little bird is currently re-organizing my piles of felt as we speak.  maybe she has a little creative juice in her too?

oh, speaking of afternoon napping challenges, sounds like the bird is up from a very short nap....