today i... - kept the bird in her pi's all day long

- unpacked and did a couple loads of laundry

- hugged and kissed my baby bird all day long...she is under the weather with allergies and teeth.

- had several chocolate chip cookies

- vacuumed, swept, mopped, cleaned the bathroom and cleaned the kitchen (and i had a little helper, which made cleaning that much better!)

- went to the gym

- planted my new lavender plant

- researched a few new job opportunity ideas

- took an afternoon nap

- swam with my little family and enjoyed watching the bird dunk herself

- witnessed my baby see another baby and point while saying (for the first time) "baaaba" = baby :)

- bought things at target that were not on my list

- ate la casita for dinner

- listened to the rain on the windows

- drank chamomile and relaxed before bedtime