23 months

almost 2 years old!  this 23rd month has been a fun one...lots of talking and singing and dancing and laughing.  our little bird is growing like a weed and i am loving every moment of it!


- 36" tall...we need to find 2 1/2 T clothes because 2T is too short and 3T is too long!

- channing loves her cute little backpack and going for hikes with riley

- the weather has been beautiful and we have been playing outside every day.  she loves to swing "high" and "higher" and giggles the entire time.

- we've been doing lots of singing.  her favorites are "twinkle little start" and "zipity do da"

- all of those teeth (except the next set of molars) are in and being used well.  channing is a good eater and tries just about everything we give her.

- music music music...singing, dancing and playing instruments.  she loves it all.

- channing can count to 14.  not sure why she stops at 14 but i can't believe she can get that high.

- we are getting better at remembering people's names.  she knows daddy is luc, poppie is mike, nanna is linda, gg is deb, mama is tara and pappa gray is bob.

- channing is quite the negotiator.  she doesn't throw a tantrum often but does work hard to get what she wants through cuteness and some pretty darn good negotiating skills.

- we've been watching pixar short films.  her favorite is "bounding" which she loves to watch while jumping and bouncing and bounding around the living room.

- this little bird is so happy and smiling and giggly.  she loves to give hugs, especially to her stuffed animal friends.  she is inquisitive and always on the move.