CREATE: reinvented drum set

channing LOVES music.  singing, twirling, dancing, playing piano, using her whistle and now...playing the drums and guitar.  maybe we have a lot of musical instruments lying around but i encourage it and love to see her love of music grow.  

recently, one of luc's clients put an old beat up kid's drum set out on their sidewalk for the goodwill to pick up.  he asked if he could bring it home for channing and boy, was this little bird ever excited about it.  but, if you know me, seeing how dinged up and dented it was....i decided to give it a little makeover.  all it took was some modge podge, a foam brush and some heavy scrapbook papers. oh, and, a husband who knew how to take the whole set apart so i could change it up and then put it back together for me :).

channing loves her "pretty drums".