5 things

happy sunday!  we are off to an early start to the day...still a lot of inconsistency in our house regarding waking up in the morning and nap taking.  but, we've been trying to just go with the flow and being flexible with our schedules. this week, i have been so thankful for...

1.  my wonderful mother, who came to spend an entire week with us so that i could finish up my last week of school and a few side projects.  she and the bird have the BEST time together.

2.  an amazing husband, who enjoys trying out new recipes...including this yummy french onion soup!

3.  refreshing smoothies in the hot weather (the bird was just taking a sip of mamma's here...she could have finished off the whole thing though, had i let her!)

4.  getting out of the house and doing a little shopping with nanna and the bird.  fun girl time!

5.  having such an outdoorsy little bird.  she now loves to "lounge" in our big adirondack chairs, just like nanna and mamma :)