rainy monday

today was the first official day of my summer break from the college and i actually enjoyed the fact that it rained all day long.  it is still raining in fact.  it didn't stop the bird and i from taking a lovely walk.  everything was wet and fresh and smelled wonderful.  she loved holding out her hand from the stroller and getting little rain droplets on her fingers.  it sure did help out our plants and not to mention our new tomatoes!  this is the first time i have ever planted tomatoes and i am so excited to watch them grow.  i bought heirlooms - black prince and cherokee purple.  looking forward to seeing their fun color and tastiness.  the chilly weather even prompted a little snuggle time on the sofa (which doesn't happen very often as the bird never stays still for long!)  her toes and fingers were a bit chilly and she kept rubbing her hands together and saying "brrrr" as nanna taught her when her hands are cold.  so, we wrapped up in a blanket and watched a little cooking on giada.  a pretty great day in my book!