cloth diapers

i first have to say - i have not done my best...i started out with really great intentions and even managed to use almost strictly cloth diapers up until about month 8.  it all changed with the bird started teething.  with the first signs of teeth starting to come in, the terrible and frequent dirty diapers began.  we read that this is normal for some babies when they start to teeth.  something about the large quantity of saliva, from the teething, causing a reaction in their tummies and causing the worst, grossest diapers imaginable (as well as really bad diaper rash- which we handled with lots of nakedness, burt's bees ointment and baking soda in the bathtub water).  i couldn't keep up with the super dirty diapers and quite honestly, didn't want to.  so i got in the habit of using disposables.  i understand why people go that is way easier, less yucky and faster to just take 'em off and toss.  but, i do realize that i have strayed and am not feeling all that great about it.  i figure now is the best time to get back to the cloth since i am home for the summer.  and, in big hopes of trying a little potty training later in the summer, i've read and heard that babies who wear cloth and can tell that they are wet tend to potty train easier.  (old wives tale?  not sure but, i am willing to hope on it)

anyway, here we are on our way back to our cloth diapers.  there are LOTS of different choices out there and i know friends who have tested and tried them all to see what worked.  i ended up finding a great deal on prefolds and the thirsties brand covers on craig's list while we were pregnant.  i had never thought of purchasing used diapers but, they were in fantastic condition and i purchased them for 1/4 of the price as new.  they have worked really well for us and i've only had to buy a couple of larger covers since the set i bought was so complete. 

for anyone who is new to using cloth and is scared of it...i understand.  it does take a bit  more time and does get messier than using disposables.  but, don't be afraid to try and don't let anyone talk you out of it if you have your heart set on it.  once you get the hang of it, you'll get a system down. good luck!