aloha friends!  after an almost 4 month hiatus from this little blogging page, i am back with some pretty big news for our family.  we are officially living in hawaii!  the big island, to be exact.  it's taken an awful lot of work to make it this far but we are actually here and trying our best to make it work!!  i've created a new tab here on the blog, on the left side bar, called "our hawaii life".  this is where i will be posting everything about our hawaii adventures here on the big island.  i'll keep the main page here for typical things like crafts and recipes and what not.  but, i am really excited to have a little space here to document all we do and find and figure out along the way.

this is by far the biggest thing either luc or i have done...outside of getting married and having a know, the typical stuff :).  i mean, it is the biggest leap we've taken, not really knowing what is on the other side waiting for us.  we are both colorado natives and never lived outside of the state.  and let me tell you...there is very little, if anything that colorado has in common with the islands.  and this mama knows nothing about about living on the ocean.  i have so much to learn.  it has been far from easy and we are still working out the kinks every day but, it's a beautiful place for our family and we look forward to everything this island has in store for us!