a wizard of oz party

so....i just realized that i never posted channing's third birthday photos - of her wizard of oz party.  i figured today, since she exactly 3 1/2, that it's better late than never.  channing has been in love with the wizard the oz since her daddy let her watch the movie one night while i was away teaching a fitness class at the gym.  she wasn't scared of the witch or those "crazy flying monkeys" (as she calls them) for one second.  she loved everything about it.  in fact, for quite some time, anytime a stranger would ask her what her name was...her answer was always "dorothy".  we got her the dress and shoes to wear to a local production of the movie and she never wanted to take it off!  it was a really fun party to throw and i tried my best to make every detail just right...from the wicked witch's feet under c's playhouse to the yellow brick road greeting guests at the door and leading them upstairs to our simple but fun costumes.  i think we'll all remember this one very fondly. 



cupcake characters: partyideasUK on etsy

printable dorothy houses: thepartychick on etsy

birthday banner, colorful fans, streamers, rainbow banner and balloons, rainbow lollipops all from target.   

felt ball garland (on channing's mini cake): hello maypole