our anniversary

5 months...we hadn't been on a date in 5 MONTHS!!  that's one heck of a long time.  luc left for a whole month before channing and i came to hawaii and she and i were here for 4months...yep, that's 5 months.  jeez.  but, i have to tell you...i have a whole new respect for families who move somewhere and don't have access to friends or family.  it's hard to find someone you are willing to leave your little one with.  thankfully, we've met some really good friends, through channing's ballet class.  while channing and their little girl played, luc and i had 2 official hours to celebrate our anniversary back at the beginning of october.  we had to time go to dinner and have drinks on the beach.  there's just something amazing about hanging out on the beach, watching the sunset with drink in hand and tiki torches ablaze around you.  it was a beautiful night.  this photo is a blurry one...taken on my phone with sun at our backs and adjusted the heck out of to be light enough to see our faces.  but, i love it and all it stands for.  this guy is pretty amazing and i can't believe i've been lucky enough to be married to him for 7 years now!