apple+fig+walnut spread

the bird is enjoying anything she can crunch with her new teeth.  i have been getting back to nature crackers for her to snack on and came up with this yummy walnut spread the other day.  it was an experiment but let me tell you...i will make this again and again. the walnuts add great protein and fats and the figs provide a bit of sweetness.  even luc liked it! 1 organic apple + 1/2 cup walnuts + 3 turkish figs

steam on longest setting (i use my beaba for this and it works like magic for softening up the walnuts in order to help them blend better)

blend and spread on crackers.  i keep ours a little chunky but, you could make it a smoother puree for a younger baby (who isn’t affected by the walnuts) and feed as a puree instead of a spread.