food explorer

i should probably be posting this one under “yum yum” but i am just so excited about the bird’s diverse palette that i had to take a few snapshots and give her a little praise on here!  she has been super at trying out new foods. on our trip to denver, a few weeks ago, she enjoyed edamame and crab.  yesterday, we visited a local greek restaurant and that was a big hit too!  she tried luc’s lamb and loved all of the different dips such as hummus, tsaziki, and red pepper hummus paired with her pita. (she enjoyed it again today for lunch!) today we tried nori (yes, seaweed) and it tasted like, well, seaweed.  but, she LOVED it!  in fact, she ate about 6 little 2”x3” sheets between running around the house and after her afternoon snack.  yum yum she says!