big red slide

yes, that's right, i am dedicating an entire post to the big red slides at our little playground down the block.  i, myself, love slides (as does nanna) and can't believe my little bird is now going down them by herself!  the big ones, no less.  she has her process all down...she sits about a foot away and scoots herself up close before heading on down.  the twirly one is very successful.  the long bumpy one, not so much (as is evident by the photos below where she ends up on her tummy and backwards...but at least she is fearless in trying!).  i am really thankful we have this playground just 2 blocks from our house so that we can visit and play often.  it is one of our favorite strolls to take in the evening, completed by hanging on the bars and walking home hand in hand with dadda...always stopping to watch the neighbor's chickens along the way.  i am so proud of this little bird and am so thankful to have these two loves in my life.


going again!




ok...what's next?




"stomp dadda"


"hiya chicks...bauk bauk"


these two...♥