we had our first tumbling class.  and i think it's pretty safe to say our little bird is hooked! we had so much fun and she literally jumped right in with the other kids.  we've been talking about putting her in some kind of activity type class, whether it be dance or gymnastics, because she seems to really love music and movement.  i literally just happened upon this place last week, after a recommendation from a friend, and went in to check them out.  i wasn't sure if there was any type of tumbling gym on our side of town.  the gym is called flipshack , located on south 8th street and we are definitely happy we found it!  we are taking the jumpstart toddler class, which goes in 8 week sessions, for kiddos who can walk and up to 3 years.  i'm also excited about having some interaction with other kids.  channing loved jumping on the trampoline, running and climbing through the obsticle course, walking along the balance beams (she actually did really well balancing!), hanging on the bars and bouncing in the bouncy house.  what a great time!  our class ended with stamps and lots of juice.  even mamma worked up a sweat!


first time on a trampoline!


i loved the parachute when i was small!


and bubbles!  this place is the best!


and nothing beats a job-well-done stamp!