rocking chair

i love modge podge.  i especially love using it with fabric, as opposed to using it with paper.  the fabrics are more forgiving and allow you to work around curves and details a bit easier.  it also lets you move and stretch, where paper typically sticks and rips if you try to adjust it.  this little chair was one time consuming project, due to all of the nooks and crannies but, i am happy with it and channing seems thrilled to have her own chair for rocking!  i found the rocker at a yard sale for $3 and covered it with scraps from the fabric lines of amy butler and anna maria horner...two of my favorites.  in the past i have worked on dressers, mirror frames and table tops.  i included some images below and also have them up on my etsy shop as a custom listing.  the rocker though, is a keeper...but i would be willing to do another one if anyone has interest!


and a few other modge podge items: