birthday number 2

what a year it has been!  i cannot believe our channing is turning two.  and i can't believe how much she has changed, looking over photos from her first birthday until now.  she is growing into the most amazing little person i could ever have imagined.  i love talking with her and actually having conversations.  she surprises me daily with the words she uses and the things she says.  channing is compassionate and always has concern for her friends (be it real or stuffed) and for us.  eventhough she is an extremely busy bee...she still has time for big bear hugs and kisses. she is a true sweetheart and makes me melt with her "i luv ewe mamma" before naps and bedtime.  she calls everything going nite nite, even naps, and loves singing zippity do-da while being put down. if i sing it too softly she says "sing louder peas".  and she almost always wakes up with a smile and some good conversation.  

this year, channing walked, then ran, danced, learned to jump (leap) and twirl and balance on one leg.  we played in our first snow and continued to swim like a fish.  we also started taking tumbling classes, which have been a huge hit.  anything that involves music and dancing makes this girl happy.  we took our first bike rides this summer and made our first snow bunnies in the snow this winter.  we take trips to the zoo whenever possible and her favorite are the giraffes and hippo. 

we nursed until 14 months, at which point, channing weaned herself.  since then, she has been a great eater and loves trying new things.  right now, we are especially happy drinking smoothies and eating cheese (cheese is ALWAYS a big hit).  

potty training is next on the list, with slow baby steps of progress.  

every day is an adventure and full of lots of energy, dancing and smiles.  happy birthday sweet little bird!!!

turning 1!

turning 1!

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