two years shower

i can't help it, i am feeling so reminicent lately about channing's second birthday coming up.  almost as much is not more than her first!  i think we had so much happening and i was still feeling so overwhelmed around the time of her first birthday and it was still kind of a difficult time.  i was just thinking today about how, 2 years ago, was had our baby shower!  a little late in my pregnancy to be having one but, we were trying to work around the holidays and the weather.  ended up being one week before i had the bird!  (though, she was two weeks early).  i remember clearly, at the end of the shower, feeling so worn out and everyone saying "oh, it's just from the excitement of the party".  i knew better and sure enough, one week later it was go time!  this shower was so lovely though and i truly blessed to have spent the day with such wonderful friends and family. 

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