i've been wearing glasses since i was about 5 years old.'s next to impossible for me to wear contacts.  i have a strong astigmatism and it's so dry here in colorado, contacts are a miserable thing when placed in my eyes.  so, glasses it is.  i've always purchased my glasses from my obstetrician's office.  but, this month, i decided to try out a new to me anyway.  i tried out bonlook.  i am never going back.  you can "try them on" through the site and also get help through a virtual stylist.  you fill out a short form, about your style and personality, and in 24 hours receive a video with recommendations on styles for you. their customer service is also pretty fantastic.  one of the things i love most are the styles for not only prescription glasses but prescription sunglasses as well.  i have yet to receive my new sunnies but, as soon as i do i will give you an update. 

i was so excited about their product that i am not an ambassador!  simply click on their link on the left side of my blog and go straight to their site.  i truly think that you will love their products as much as i do!! 

fyi...i am terrible at getting my photo taken, it always feels so unnatural.  but, i wanted to share my favorite pair so far.  "too many cupcakes" in rose gold.  who can turn down a name like that?