DISCOVER: sweet pea's garden

channing and i just took a little girl's trip back home to visit with nanna and poppy (my parents).  while we were there, we stopped by my dear friend's home and new business.  calli and i have known each other since middle school and to say that i am thrilled to have such a lovely friend in my life would be a complete understatement.  we love getting to visit with her and her sweet little girl, penelope.  and...i am absolutely so proud of her new business venture - sweet pea's garden.  (she also has a great facebook page located here.) located in palisade, colorado, sweet pea’s garden grows an awesome variety of not only vegetables but herbs and flowers too. customers can visit and learn about how everything is grown and can purchase bundled baskets once a week....filled to the brim with yummy goodness.  i love her idea of being able to choose each week if you want to purchase a basket, versus a typical csa where you have to pay upfront for a longer period of time,  which is a much greater commitment and can sometimes being overwhelming for smaller families.  and, her crops are absolutely gorgeous!  her website also offers up tasty recipes, which i know i need because...well, i am not the best at cooking with veggies.  there are also chickens, which are beginning to lay and will provide eggs for her weekly baskets. 

one of the things i find so wonderful about this story is all the hard work it has taken calli to make this a reality.  this is her first growing season and i am so impressed with how amazing it all looks and how many varieties the garden holds.  i am so inspired by what she has accomplished.  we can't wait to go back!!