books books books

i am so excited that the bird is finally starting to notice her books!  it seems like we have been trying to read to her and get her to even look at a book for ever now, only to have her more occupied by whatever toy is close by.  but lately, she has been bypassing her toys and making a beeline straight for the books!  she sits quietly for quite a bit of time just flipping through and going from one to the other.  anything with textures is a particularly big hit.  so, we have been adding to our collection. lately, we have added- in my tree, have you ever tickled a tiger (a new favorite and pictured above), i like fruit, miss spider’s tea part, snuggle puppy, chicka chicka abc and picture this...whew! that’s a lot of new books but, i would rather spend money on books than toys any day and i have found some fantastic deals at our local used books stores!