new teeth

the bird loves her new teeth.  she is a late teether, only just having 2 bottom teeth - that came in at 10 months and two new upper teeth coming in on top now.  nonetheless...she finds them fascinating and quite curious in her mouth.  she is constantly playing with them- with her fingers, with her tongue and clicking her 2 top and 2 bottom teeth together.  she is also finding it interesting to work on crunchy foods with her new choppers.  i think she likes the sound of the crunch, especially.  i am a little concerned, never having dealt with baby teeth before, that she has a pretty big gap between those top front two teeth...hoping that isn’t an indication of needing dental assistance later!  luc and i both have pretty good teeth so, i am keeping my fingers crossed. being that we are so interested in the bird’s teeth lately, i thought i would look up some interesting facts on her pearly whites.  did you know...

  1. the average amount of $ given by the tooth fairy, for a fallen baby tooth = $1.10
  2. children have one set of 20 baby (primary teeth).  they are typically replaced by 32 permanent teeth.
  3. girls generally precede boys in tooth eruption (guess our bird is not ahead of the game in this area! )
  4. primary teeth are smaller in size and whiter than permanent teeth.
  5. primary teeth usually sprout in pairs.


for us, teething is a challenge when they start pushing through.  she has a ROUGH time.  but, once they sprout through those’s a pretty fun time!  i am looking forward to making new recipes, now that she is enjoying munching away.  look for new ideas on ‘yum yum’