channing's things

my favorite things of channing's are items that have been handmade, were mine or my mom's when we were small or just have a uniqueness to them.  those special items are the things we use or look at everyday that make me smile and hope that she enjoys them as she grows and gets older.  here are just a few:

1. hand embroidered quilt: farm scene (this was my grandmother's i believe)  2. 3 sprouts felt & canvas squirrel laundry hamper  3. quilted pillow: handmade by luc's aunt for our wedding  4. hand embroidered quilt: sun bonnet girl  5. ceramic bird and birch trees  6. sofia teething giraffe, squeaky duck toy (my mom's when she was small), habba wooden toys  7. fabric hoops and felted heart mobile: made by me, for the bird  8. photos of my favorite women in the world: 4 generations including me, my mom, my grandmother and my great-grandmother  9. message dolls  10.  handmade bunny: from when i was small  11. hand embroidered duck pillow: my first embroidery project, from when i was small, made for my great-grandmother and taught to me by my grandmother  12. swiss clock, from luc's grandmother  13.  vintage japanese wind-up bird  14.  vintage fisher-price cow: my mom's from when she was small  15. hand made blankets