day in photos

as much as i love spending time with the bird, these days of waking up at 5:30 am and taking one nap are LONG.  i am exhausted and the house is a disaster.  she seems to be doing ok with this napping transition but, when she does get tired, she gets whiney and clingy and hard to keep from melting down.  she's being a trooper though and we had a nice day together which included a chilly early morning walk after a rainy night and morning (including a tepee sighting!), a little shopping for me (at my favorite shop - eve's), trying to keep her occupied with magazines, toys and snacks all day and LOTS of watermelon eating.  (she can really eat a lot of watermelon!)  the bird also received her first package in the mail from australia, from a fun little shop who makes these adorable amigurumi (more on that later). i am pooped, as is channing - she was out almost as soon as her head hit her pillow.  a glass of wine for me, probably some cheese and crackers for dinner (hubby is out of town) and an early bed time for me too.  night night little bird!

i just love these little curls she is getting around her neck.  so sweet!