CREATE: finger painted fun

my little bird is really into painting right now.  i wanted to do christmas gifts that channing could make and could be really fun hanging in someone's home....not just your typical toddler scribbles.  i purchased some canvas from hobby lobby (i particularly like that they had ovals, which are unique), got out my blue painter's tape and laid out my acrylic paints for channing to get creative with.  this was a really simple project:  

i simply cut the painters tape into strips and laid them out on the canvas.  you have to rub the edges a bit to get them to stick.  then, i let channing paint away...watching that she didn't rub too hard over the taped areas to be sure the tape didn't lift.  when the paint was about half way dried, i gently pulled up the tape.  so fun!

photo copy.JPG
photo 1.JPG
photo 2.JPG
photo copy.JPG