DESIGN: ventless fire feature

welcome to our new business venture: gray ltd.

gray ltd. specializes in the design and construction of custom furniture, art and decor for both interior and exterior spaces.  a very unique item that we are carrying through this business are ventless fire features.  we just installed this piece in our master bedroom and i am truly over the moon.  it looks amazing and gives off a crazy amount of heat!  this particular fire feature has a stainless steal finish and measures 20" tall by 30" wide.  it is as simple as just hanging it on the wall...done.  the flame is produced by using bioethanol fuel and is lit like a candle.  the size of the flame can be adjusted, depending on how much heat output you prefer.  

not only are we carrying this great new product, luc is working is amazing furniture making skills into custom furniture pieces...which can even house a fire feature!  he makes them completely from scratch and does the most beautiful job.

DSC_0034 copy.jpg
DSC_0033 copy.jpg

i am so excited about this product and how it can be used in anyone's home...without the need for a gas line or electrical outlet.  it is so simple and beautiful.  for more information, you can check out our website at