happy new year...2013

we've reached 2013!  let's just say i am relieved to have 2012 behind me.  at some point, i am sure i will go into further detail but for now i just have to say that i am ready to move forward.  don't get me wrong, we had lots of great times with our beautiful little bird but, the rest of the year has been a pretty tough one for me and my family.  i am hoping for a fresh start, some new perspective and to finally feel like my health is in a good place.  i am looking forward to this new year and all that it may bring.  

this sounds a bit negative, i realize.  i don't mean to be.  i want to move forward into the new year positively.  the words below are mine for 2013.  instead of your traditional resolutions, i've decided to focus on these instead.  what would your words be for the new year? 

i wish for a very happy new to everyone out there...i hope this year brings wonderful things to you, with lots of creativity and happiness!