CREATE: t-shirt stuffy

i have several adorable little t-shirts of the bird's, that i have a tough time getting rid of when they get too small. i am sucker for anything with applique or embroidery.  so, i was thinking, some of them would make a cute little stuffed toy or "stuffy" as i am calling them.  it's quick, easy, doesn't cost a thing to make and just the right size for little hands to cuddle.  i tried my first one out with a pair of pj's that a now too small.  she LOVES these pj's because of the cute little applique monkey on them.  i used the shirt to make the front and fabric from the shorts to make the back.  in all, it took me about 30 minutes and honestly, you don't even really need a sewing machine.  it is small enough to sew completely by hand if you wanted to.  i hope you try it!  i plan on making a few more.