our kitchen

it's only taken us almost two years but, we finally did a photo shoot today of our kitchen.  my husband and i designed it and he built it.  yep, that's right, i am lucky enough to have an amazingly talented husband who can build a kitchen (and a house!) from scratch with his own two hands.  he is crazy talented and i am so proud of his hard work.  and...i have loved our kitchen so much from the instant it was completed.  it isn't a very big space but luc did such a great job making the most of every single inch.  you can see the tall pull out pantry, which houses ALL of our dry food.  as well as the cabinet/paneled wall, which was luc's own custom design, housing keys, miscellaneous things and very importantly...our liquor...all in hidden compartments you would never guess are there.  the island is on casters, with open shelves on one side and full cabinets on the other...making it moveable and flexible depending on the occasion. the finishes are a combination of white washed ash veneer and a metallic finished laminate.  the backsplash is a glass tile mosaic.  it's my favorite part of the house, one in which we spend a lot of time in.

the living room, dining area and kitchen are all open to each other.  luc also built the custom wall cabinet, located above the tv, to house our books.  he used the same ash to match the kitchen cabinets.  thanks for visiting.  i hope you enjoy the photos!

**if you want to see more of luc's work, check out his website www.tolahomes.com.  he also has a very talented brother, who took the photographs today.  you can see his website at www.joelgray.com.