day in photos

last night's rainy weather made for an almost autumn like morning.  it was cool and fresh, with that slight crispness in the air that comes with fall like feeling.  our morning walk consisted of lots of "eye-spying" including bunnies, cats and the bird's new favorite item to look out for - "baball" hoops = basketball hoops.  she sees them before i do and from a block away.  we've taken quite a turn, this week, on the napping front- going from a 90 minute nap beginning at 1030 to a 2 1/2 (and even a couple of 3 hour) nap beginning around 1115.  growth spurt? napping transition?'s been great!  however, today was only a 90 minute nap.  jeez. nanna showed up for a week long visit today so, needless to say, the bird was THRILLED.  she even used her potty for the very first time...nanna has the magic.  she says i was potty trained by 18 it possible i could get that lucky?

i've been working like mad on a bunch of new felt pieces...i am hoping to get lots of visits and sales tomorrow morning at eve's august sale.  it looks like a beautiful weather weekend coming up here in colorado!

lots of things to "spy" on our morning walks.

i love this little face ♥

we set this up during yesterday's gloominess.  it's been a hit.

i love new dishtowels.  thanks target!

almost every morning, i make a chai tea latte...and i always sprinkle cinnamon on top.  this morning, i accidentally grabbed the coriander seed and didn't notice until i took a sip...not bad actually.  at least it wasn't the curry powder.

cleaning and getting nanna's room ready for her visit!

lots of felt flora making going on in here.

a special delivery for the bird's room.  i have wanted this print forever.

making more goodies for tomorrow's sale.

inspiring colors for my felt pieces.  i love this little manhattan's one of my favorites.

curly barrettes from grandma.

she's not quite sure ...