day in photos

what a week it has been!  i spent my first days back on campus and let me tell was really tough for me.  thankfully, my mom was in town to help us with channing and the two of them had such a good time together.  this included toenail painting, practicing with the new potties (we now have two in the house) and giggling like crazy.  she headed out this morning after a lovely walk.  can i say one more time just how much i appreciate my mom!??! i'm busy working a few more felt pieces for a sale i am having at eon tomorrow.  i will be there from 10-1 if you want to stop by and say hello!  the bird has become very excited, as of yesterday, about the piano downstairs...which she sees every day but never really pays much attention to.  well, ever since she and nanna decided to give it a try yesterday, it is all she wants to do!  That, and carry her new frog potty all over the house.  We haven't actually used the potty for what it is meant for but she likes to sit on it, take it apart , carry it about the house and let her friends have a seat to test it out.  never a dull moment in the gray household !

sleepy eyes.

palisade peaches for breakfast - yum!

full house.

budding artist.

reading test results...finally have some relief and answers.  another post soon.

tiny jackets...been feeling a lot like autumn in the mornings around here.

morning walk along the bunny route.

we love you, nanna!

finally, a piece finished and installed for my own house!

1 of 2...

and the second one...being used as a stacker/toy holder.

and sometimes a seat...but ONLY with the diaper on.  she won't sit on it without a diaper on.  we aren't sure what that's all about yet.

hurricane channing.

more felt.

our new friend, the owl lunchbox, to match our traveling buddy - the owl suitcase.

afternoon snack of nori (seaweed) she LOVES this stuff.

that's right...i never changed out of my sweats or t-shirt filled with holes today or put on makeup.


making nutella pops.  for the recipe see here

eating nutella pops!

cleaning up.

dreaming about going somewhere far far away. and tropical.