i very rarely have time alone in our house.   we are fortunate enough to have someone come and watch the bird while we are gone at work and when i am home from work, i always have her with me.  even when she is down for her nap, it isn't the same as actually having the house to myself.  i'm always aware that i have a sleeping baby upstairs and how terribly the noise travels through our house.  so when i do have those few moments alone, with no one else home, i am amazed at the quiet.  this typically only happens when my mom comes to visit and she takes the bird out for a walk without me (which was the case the morning) or i get home from work a little early and they are still gone exploring the outdoors.  either way, it's kind of a surreal feeling to have for someone who is around their child pretty much all of the time.  i know i should have taken advantage of this time this morning to get a few things done before i had to leave for work but instead, i took a few minutes to putter around channing's nursery and take in all the little things about that space we enjoy each day.  i sat down on the floor and took a breath and thought about all that i have learned and experienced and struggled with over the past (almost) 18 months.  i looked around and smiled at how this little room has changed and developed and already become a space filled with memories.  i took a moment to just enjoy the quiet and be thankful.