family adventure - denver aquarium and sushi

we had the best day!  the bird visited her first aquarium and ate her first sushi.  loads of fun.  she slept well in the truck on our way to denver and was ready to go once we got to the aquarium.  it was PACKED and i think she enjoyed watching the other kids and people just as much as she did the fish! everything was exciting to look at and she really enjoyed touching the crabs and starfish in the tank.  she also learned, very quickly, how to drink out of the camelpak!

we took a little detour to the downtown REI, which we love.  the catwalks were lots of fun to run around on and we found a cute new hat to keep the bird’s head covered.

go fish is my favorite sushi spot so of course, we had to stop there for lunch.  the bird loved her first edamome, crab and avocado sushi roll!