girl's road trip

we are back from our first girl’s road trip!  we decided, rather last minute, to visit my parents during my spring break from school.  they live in palisade, about a 5 hour drive west over the mountains.  the bird did an AWESOME job.  i was so proud of her.  the drive over was a lot of fun, eventhough she got off schedule and only took one nap that day.  she slept like a champ at nanna and pappa D’s house, even for her naps! i think the keys to her sleeping well were...wearing her out with all of the new sites to see, bringing along her pal the bunny and using her sheets from home.  there were tons of fun things to see and do and we did lots of exploring. she played in the mud and flowers, loved on my old stuffed animals from when i was little, took lots of long walks with nanna and i, visited with lots of people, played at the park, got a new pair of shoes and overall just had a really good time!

i loved having this time with my bird and am thrilled that she seemed to enjoy our trip too.