saturday at the park

it has been a very fun and busy day for the bird.  we went to the park not once...but twice!  she and i took a nice long stroll together this afternoon.  not too far from the house is a great park with fun equipment and even a smaller sized play area for little ones.  we played on the swings, in the sand and in the little wood chips.  she also discovered the big yellow slide and a few stray pinecones.  she loved it. this evening, after luc got home from search and rescue, we enjoyed some family time at red robin (the bird was most excited about her lovely white balloon) and then went back to the park on our way home to show daddy all of the fun new things we discovered earlier.

i’ll be away for a few days.  the bird and i will be visiting my parents, over the mountains, since i am officially on spring break from the college.  see you in a few days!