nursing...the end

we are officially done nursing...and with it, we already have some changes.  besides the fact that i am a bit emotional about it...for the first time ever, someone else (besides me) put the bird to bed for the night.  luc has never been able to do this since i have always nursed right before bed.  a little bittersweet for me but so glad that he is able to not only help me but also begin to bond in different ways with channing.  and maybe now i can actually start going to the gym in the evenings! YAY! on the bad side of things...i am SO SORE and full that i could cry.  all of this time, i have barely made enough to nurse the bird and very rarely felt overly full, except for in the very beginning.  now, after two full days without nursing, i am full and tight and sore.  i am trying a few methods.  1. pumping on occasion to help relieve just a little bit of pressure but not enough to promote more production.     2. drinking sage tea.  (not actually tea, i learned, but just dried sage in steeped water.) this is supposed to help promote drying up the milk.  3. placing cabbage leaves over my breasts.

yes, i know, that last one sounds weird and is probably just an old wives tale but seriously...i have read about it everywhere and at this point, i’ll try whatever i safely can to help relieve this!

we’ll see how it goes.  two days down...hoping this doesn’t take too much longer.