halloween hippo

channing decided months ago that she wanted to be a hippo for halloween.  "wicket" the hippo is her favorite at the zoo and then...she watched fantasia's dancing hippopotamus on utube and was hooked on the idea.  i ordered the hippo mask and tail from opposite of far, on etsy.  they worked perfectly with our lavender tutu.  she had the best time dressing up.  we met up with our friend rachel and her kiddos and walked over to old colorado city, where they stores hand out candy.  the weather was great, except for the chilly wind that picked up just as we were heading back.  

this was the first year that channing really got the concept of saying "trick-or-treat" and please and thank you each time she was handed a piece of candy.  by the time we got home, it was just too cold out to do any door to door trick-or-treating so instead, we snuggled up and watched the great pumpkin charlie brown.  her favorite thing now is to dump out her pumpkin and play with the candy.  she isn't overly concerned about eating it, she just likes looking at the packages and the colors and asking us the names of each one and what kind we like.   

i love this little hippo to pieces!  

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photo 4.jpg

old colorado city trick-or-treating

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