happy november

i truly cannot believe that we are already half way through november.  we've been having some beautiful weather and channing is happy to be outside playing in the leaves and dirt and sticks.  throwing and dancing in the leaves seems to be her favorite! 


we also have some squirrels around here who are crazy for pumpkins.  so crazy, in fact, that they have eaten through my fake pumpkins in an attempt to get a tasty bite.  the whole reason i use fake pumpkins is due to the 1 day demolishment of last year's pumpkins.  i literally put out pumpkins in the morning and by the afternoon, they were eaten completely.  i thought fake ones would work out but apparently…hungry squirrels don't equal smart squirrels.


i was also surprised to see how much the snap dragons love this cooler weather!  this is the first year i have planted them and was disappointed when they didn't do well over the summer.  they have been thriving through october and now as well!