LOVE handmade amigurumi by rosieok

we received a very fun package in the mail yesterday.  not only did it come all the way from australia, it contained two new friends for the bird.  meet felicity fox and bridget bunny - these little girls are adorable and the bird thinks they are just fantastic!  the crafty who makes these fun little creations is rosieok, from new south wales, australia.  her etsy site is filled with cute, colorful, crafty handmade children's toys. not only are felicity and bridget very well made and cute, they are just the right size for the bird and both come with cute little stories.

"little bridget bunny  is a fun loving little gal. she's a little bit of a health nut (but what else would you expect from a bunny rabbit). little bridget is looking for a home with a little girl who will be her new BFF (best friend forever) so they can have fun playing together and keeping each others secrets."


"little felicity fox is a shy little amigurumi dolly girl who loves to play hide and seek. she's pretty good at it now so she needs a girl who loves to be a little detective to find her and give her lots of love and cuddles."

WELCOME to our home girls!  and thank you, rosie, for such a sweet piece of handmade goodness. i am now addicted and already thinking about which little friend to add to the bird's collection for our next celebration!