LOVE: rifle paper co.

i love stationary.  (i blame this, love as well as my desire to hoard fun dishware, on my wonderful mother)  i used to be really good at hand writing notes and cards and thank you's...but i have to admit, i have slacked a bit in the past couple of years.  i do have a bit of a resolution though, and that is to get back to sending more hand written notes.  not only for special occasions but just for the heck of it too!  doesn't it just feel great to receive something in the actual MAIL, handwritten by someone?  it really is the best! 

i think that if you visit rifle paper co. 's'll be inspired to do the same.  i seriously want to buy every single item from their website.  i love it all!  i recently made a little purchase of my own at poor richard's bookstore, here in colorado springs.  they are currently carrying a handful of lovely rifle paper co. items.  i am nervous to open up these beautiful notebooks...feeling like i need to have something REALLY worthy to write inside of them but, why wait?  there's no time like the present.  so, i will be using these pretties for everyday note taking and list making.  i am also very excited about the botanical garland, which comes with tons of letters and pretty floral designs.  i put one together for the bird's room with plenty of letters to spare for other garlands down the road.  it comes with ribbon but, i decided to use twine for mine.

truly, take a gander...their products are so very lovely!

so much hard to decide what to 'say' ! 

so much hard to decide what to 'say' ! 


here are some other fabulous items in their line....


LOVE: everyday shea baby bubble bath

our little bird loves a good bubbly bubble bath.  its one of her favorite things in the evenings.  the more bubbles the better!  i struggled finding a bubble bath that was all natural, actually made a good amount of bubbles and didn't cost a ton.  we found the everyday shea butter bubble bath at whole foods and i LOVE it.  it is $13 for the bottle, which seams like a lot, but it is a big 32 oz bottle and is lasting us forever (the burt's bees bottle is 1/4 this size and costs $8 ... it also doesn't last as long) this is a great company and all of their products are completely natural in content.  it's our new favorite!

LOVE: babyganics

anyone who has kiddos know that stains can be disastrous...from messy cloth diapers to grass stains, juice to blood to spaghetti...spills and booboos can lead to the cutest of clothes being ruined in seconds (both the kid's and the mom's!)  we've been using the stain remover from babyganics since we had the bird and i swear it works wonders.  it has gotten out everything we have thought would be challenging.  i also, of course, love that it is natural and non-toxic.  my mom and i both swear by it.  you can purchase it online or at babies-r-us.

LOVE: lucky feather charms

i love charms and charm bracelets.  i feel very fortunate to have my grandmother's (my mom's mom) with little trinkets from her life as well as my mother-in-law's from her travels through europe.  i love how they tell a story.  i'm also very excited about the new charm bracelet, i received from my honey for my birthday, so that i can begin telling my own story.  i've already started a necklace set of charms, using lucky feather. this is a fun little charm company with lots of cute designs as well as photo charms.  their website even has a photo shrinker to help you shrink your photos down to fit inside. i have two different necklaces from the company and have added little charms over the past few years - including the new round photo charm with the bird's photo, just today.  i think they are fun to layer and customize would also make a lovely gift.  i am considering carrying these in my shop as there aren't many places to get them...let me know what you think!

LOVE: nutcase

once i decided on a bike seat, for the bird, the next bit of research was for a helmet small enough to fit her little noggin.  she has a small head - it was really tough to find something.  the only brand i could find, that carried a true x-small, was nutcase.  once i started looking into their brand, i was in love. the color and pattern options are awesome and their quality is hard to beat.  i hard a very hard time deciding on just which one to get the bird!  now i want one... (note:  the x-small is still a little big for the bird but overall, the fit is good and it has room for her growth.  right now, i put a little cotton beenie on her head, underneath the helmet, to give it a bit snugger of a fit.)


LOVE: yepp

i was so excited this spring to start taking the bird on some bike rides.  i wasn't sure if i felt comfortable pulling along a carrier behind my bike so, i opted for a bike seat instead.  after a bit of research, i decided to get a yepp.  it was sleek and contemporary (i liked the color too!) and not bulky like some of the others i looked at.  we have loved heading out in the mornings for our rides, before the heat of the day hits us.  the bird seems to love her little seat however, i think she wishes there were arm rests :).  FYI - they also offer the yepp mini, which attaches to the front of your bike.

LOVE: julbo sunglasses

every since we purchased these julbo sunglasses for the bird, we get stopped by just about everyone we see asking where we got them.  you can order online at julbo's website or, if you are local, you can pick up a pair at mountain chalet - located in downtown colorado springs.  yes, they are a little more expensive than your average kiddo sunglasses but, they are VERY worth the price.  i had already gone through several pairs of the cheapos, with out any luck of keeping them on the bird's head or in one piece, when we came across these while shopping downtown.  we decided to give them a try and we have been so happy every since. the julbos are flexible (so they don't break!) and they fit her head and face really well.  she feels special wearing her shades "just like mamma and daddy" and keeps them on most of the time.  they come in several color choices and are pretty darned cute!

LOVE: great harvest cookie mix

i would love to say that i always have time to bake from scratch but...let's be realistic!  i don't so - i was really happy to find this mix from our local great harvest bread company.  they make it from scratch with oats, whole grains and chocolate chips.  all you have to add is butter, an egg and water.  very easy and it makes A LOT of cookies.  i am happy with it and definitely plan on adding this as a pantry staple.

LOVE keen sandals

the bird has her cute little leather shoes (her very first shoes) but, we needed something more practical and ventilated for our vacation.  i spotted these adorable little keen newport h2 sandals at rei and had to pick them up.  she loves them and they fit her really well - just a touch big, which is great because they will last us all summer.  they go on easy and are really durable. i was so happy that they come in size 4, which is really tough to find for the bird's little feet!

LOVE handmade amigurumi by rosieok

we received a very fun package in the mail yesterday.  not only did it come all the way from australia, it contained two new friends for the bird.  meet felicity fox and bridget bunny - these little girls are adorable and the bird thinks they are just fantastic!  the crafty who makes these fun little creations is rosieok, from new south wales, australia.  her etsy site is filled with cute, colorful, crafty handmade children's toys. not only are felicity and bridget very well made and cute, they are just the right size for the bird and both come with cute little stories.

"little bridget bunny  is a fun loving little gal. she's a little bit of a health nut (but what else would you expect from a bunny rabbit). little bridget is looking for a home with a little girl who will be her new BFF (best friend forever) so they can have fun playing together and keeping each others secrets."


"little felicity fox is a shy little amigurumi dolly girl who loves to play hide and seek. she's pretty good at it now so she needs a girl who loves to be a little detective to find her and give her lots of love and cuddles."

WELCOME to our home girls!  and thank you, rosie, for such a sweet piece of handmade goodness. i am now addicted and already thinking about which little friend to add to the bird's collection for our next celebration!

LOVE citrus lane - april box

"Bath and Bedtime" in April we are truly loving our citrus lane packages.  the bird gets excited as soon as she sees the box sitting outside the door and then enjoys a good 30 minutes or so of playing with the box before we finally open it up.  it is a lot of fun to get a box of surprises each month!  for april, get ready for giggles... and splashing! and eventually, sweet dreams.  this month's box is all about creating a healthy, relaxing bath and bedtime routine. their march box sold out and it isn’t too late to sign up for an april box now.