LOVE: julbo sunglasses

every since we purchased these julbo sunglasses for the bird, we get stopped by just about everyone we see asking where we got them.  you can order online at julbo's website or, if you are local, you can pick up a pair at mountain chalet - located in downtown colorado springs.  yes, they are a little more expensive than your average kiddo sunglasses but, they are VERY worth the price.  i had already gone through several pairs of the cheapos, with out any luck of keeping them on the bird's head or in one piece, when we came across these while shopping downtown.  we decided to give them a try and we have been so happy every since. the julbos are flexible (so they don't break!) and they fit her head and face really well.  she feels special wearing her shades "just like mamma and daddy" and keeps them on most of the time.  they come in several color choices and are pretty darned cute!