LOVE: lucky feather charms

i love charms and charm bracelets.  i feel very fortunate to have my grandmother's (my mom's mom) with little trinkets from her life as well as my mother-in-law's from her travels through europe.  i love how they tell a story.  i'm also very excited about the new charm bracelet, i received from my honey for my birthday, so that i can begin telling my own story.  i've already started a necklace set of charms, using lucky feather. this is a fun little charm company with lots of cute designs as well as photo charms.  their website even has a photo shrinker to help you shrink your photos down to fit inside. i have two different necklaces from the company and have added little charms over the past few years - including the new round photo charm with the bird's photo, just today.  i think they are fun to layer and customize would also make a lovely gift.  i am considering carrying these in my shop as there aren't many places to get them...let me know what you think!