cheddar + green chili cornbread

we've been using our new grill a lot since we got it... i forgot just much i enjoy having one!  my favorite side dish to serve when grilling is cornbread.  i would love to make it from scratch but that just isn't happening right now so instead, i doctored up a mix.  there are a couple of great mixes i have found at whole foods but, we don't live right near one and i don't get to go very often.  luckily, most supermarkets carry this krusteaz natural honey cornbread mix which has only a few ingredients and is pretty darn good! after adding in the required ingredients (an egg, melted butter and milk) here's what i add to make it a little extra special:

1 cup sharp cheddar cheese

1 small can diced green chilies

1 cup organic sweet corn (i usually thaw out some frozen corn but if you have in season ears that you want to use - have at it!)  


i like to bake mine as muffins...i have found that when you add the extra ingredients it tends to take a little longer to bake and can be mushy in the middle.  muffins bake a little more evenly.

* i have a friend who likes to add diced up bacon, which i am sure would be delicious...if i ate bacon!

serve with softened butter and honey.  this is one of my favorite honeys from here in colorado - clark's wildflower honey with honeycomb.  yum!