today i... - really wanted to sleep in

- ate apricots and sipped a chai latte for breakfast while the bird happily 'stabbed' her apricots and banana with her fork...she is really into this eating with a fork on her own thing

- enjoyed a morning walk, which included a long stop at the playground for swinging and sliding

- was bummed it got so hot so soon, it makes me tired

- was bummed my plan for an earlier morning nap backfired into a baby with one 60 minute nap for the entire day

- dropped off the finished felt piece and had a nice and much needed chat with a friend

- let the bird run around in our favorite children's consignment store to keep her busy for a few moments so i could visit with another good friend

- danced to country music hits, from the 80's and 90's, with my tiny dancer

- changed 7 wet diapers!  lots of heat = lots of water

- dried off a book that was drowned in the water table

- was so exhausted by 3pm i decided playing on the bed was the best choice because at least i could lie down for a few moments

- skyped with my mom

- played with play dough

- watched pocoyo

- made an endless list of things to do, future business ventures and ideas for this blog

- was really happy to see my husband at the end of a long and tiring day

- put an overtired baby to bed early in hopes that we won't be getting an early morning wake up

- ate an unhealthy dinner...it sounded so good but might not have been such a great idea

- ignored the pile of laundry waiting for me on the bedroom floor