one and only

by 12 months, i was finally starting to feel like i was getting into the groove of this motherhood thing (that first year was a doozy for us and it didn't hurt that the bird finally started sleeping through the night and was nursing less by this time!). now, at 17 months, i am feeling much more confident and truly enjoying our little family.  for someone who wasn't even sure that being a mom was in the cards, i am loving being a wife to luc and mama to channing more than anythings else i've done in my life.  that being said, it doesn't mean i am ready to add more... everyone seems asking that daunting question now - when are you going to have another?  strangers i meet in the grocery store, friends who have several and even my pediatrician gave me a hard time at our last appointment - telling me "it is going to be quite a challenge to make sure she adjusts to sharing with others and is social enough" if i am planning on only having one child.  have you been around my kid?  i think we're good.

i especially enjoy when folks lecture me on the "challenges" of having only one kiddo, only to let them know that i myself am an only.  surely there must be something wrong with me then right?  to force this loneliness and antisocial lifestyle, onto the bird, that everyone seems to think comes along with being an only child.  yes, i am independent and at times like having my own space but i don't think anyone i know would argue the fact that i am social and do pretty well around other people.

i know there are great and positive things to having siblings, and i think it's great that so many people are happy having several children, but there are also wonderful things that come with being an only child and having a small family.  regardless of the questionable looks i receive from others...i am thankful for what i have been given and perfectly happy  with channing being my one and only.  ♥