meeting anna maria horner

some people collect baseball cards...some people go to lots of concerts and save their ticket stubs...i happen to collect fabric.  not just any fabric, but fabric specifically from my all time favorite textile designer - anna maria horner.  you've seen lots of photos of her work on my blog in everything from pants for channing to literally every single item in her nursery to the furniture items i customize with them.  simply put, i love her work and find her to be fantastically inspiring.  her patterns and colors palettes are bold, vibrant and unique.  when i came across her fabrics, a few years ago, i was immediately hooked and began dreaming of was to creatively use them.  they were also my inspiration for wanting to open my own carry unique beautiful textiles that were difficult to come by in our area. so maybe you can understand my sheer excitement, when two weeks ago, i found out she would be visiting colorado and holding a trunk show of her latest creations this past saturday night.   i immediately made plans to go, getting the babysitter and my wonderful hubby on board (who so graciously went to denver with me and spent a date night in a crafting shop.)  she, of course, was so nice and wonderful to talk with.  her new 'field study' designs are really lovely and i am thrilled to have picked up a few yards for myself. (i seriously could have purchased a yard of everything but fortunately/unfortunately i did have my husband there ...that kind of curbs impulse buying of that sort!)

if you've never been, you must visit her website here.  not only can you shop her products but also read her blog and download free patterns and tips on making beautiful things.

thank you, anna maria horner, for creating such amazing work.  it is so fun to work with and find inspiration in ... and you are a true gem in person!

my new field study purchase:

some of the things i've created, using anna's fabrics: