5 things

today is one of those days...i am tired, the bird is a little cranky, i have tons to do but it just isn't happening and i am feeling bitter sweet about getting rid of my beloved "zooey" the smart car.   but, these 5 things are bringing a smile to my face -

1.  zooey's replacement. i know...it is a station wagon.  but, for some reason, i've always been fond of them and hey, who doesn't appreciate a volvo?  i will finally have some ROOM!  because this car is used and we will be paying cash for it, she is an exciting step in our goal to pay off ALL of our dept by next christmas.  no more car payment for me so that money can be better used in other ways.  we are going to pick this girl up tonight...any ideas on a name for her?  although this photo is in silver, our new addition is a pretty icy blue.


2.  knowing i still have two whole weeks of time with the bird before school starts for me.


3.  this girl, in sunglasses and pigtails...loving her new friend rosie and deciding that she can go nowhere lately without the company of either elmo or cookie monster.


4.  these cute little fox patterns, from dolls and daydreams.  i think they are adorable and might need to be on my next project to do list.


5.  seeing this photo and thinking ...eventhough i am not feeling my best lately, don't get a shower some days or put on makeup, get to the gym and haven't had time to get my hair done in several months...i guess i don't look too bad for myself!