today i... - had a hard time waking up at 6:30 (we were in bed late due to purchasing our new/used volvo in denver last night.  i haven't gone to bed at 11:30 in FOREVER)

- saw 3 bunnies, 2 deer and a dozen dogs on our morning walk.

- was so happy to have the tires back on our joovy stroller, we had two flats and the umbrella stroller just doesn't cut it on our big hills.

- got excited to see our new car when i opened the garage door this morning!

- cleaned out zooey, the smart car, for taking her to the car lot on saturday. bye bye, will be missed!

- enjoyed seeing 6 pretty pink blooms on my new double holly-hock plants.  i've had 4 people now tell me they are "old lady flowers"...what's the deal? i think they are pretty.

- ate pb&j for breakfast.

- ignored my laundry.

- ignored my dirty floors.

- ignored my dirty bathroom.

- put a little bandaid on a little knee.

- was disappointed a potential new job opportunity got put on hold.

- worked like mad on new felt pieces for an upcoming sale at eve's revolution. (come see me on august 18th!)

- went to target for a car window sunshield...left with two scarves, a purse and some placemats.

- bought a cute shopping cart, for channing, at womb to grow.

- learned that a good friend is planning a visit in excited to see her and her little one.

- loved driving our new car!

- got my arm decorated in stickers.

- tumbled on the bed.

- skyped with my mom.

- ordered a cute new print to hang in channing's room, from etsy.

- hung my new air plant terrariums in the kitchen window (a post soon to follow on these...they are cool!)

- stitched together an entire felt piece (for our room) and decided once it was done to take it apart and start over...i am my own worst client.


good night to all!