new shoes

today, the bird got to try out her very first pair of shoes...and she LOVES them.  i have only ever put her the zutano booties and now that she is walking, i realized we needed to get her in something more shoe-like so she could start practicing.  and practicing is she ever - all over the place!  she is very curious about them and keeps looking down at her feet as she stomps around on the wood floor.  so adorable and i am so relieved that she likes them and seems to have fun walking in them.  she is actually walking better in them than barefoot.  i learned that her feet are tiny!  these are 6-12 month size, with plenty of room in there for her to grow.  i got another pair for the summer in a 12-18 month size. i added a video at the end...never mind the fact that i say today is march 1, 2011.  jeez.


here's a link to the video:

channing's new shoes